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James Curtis spent twenty-five years as a senior executive in the insurance and computer industries before turning full time to writing. He is currently researching and writing a biography of Buster Keaton for Alfred A. Knopf. His newest work, "Last Man Standing: Mort Sahl and the Birth of Modern Comedy" is now available. He is also the author of "William Cameron Menzies: The Shape of Films to Come;" "Spencer Tracy: A Biography;" "W. C. Fields: A Biography" (winner of the 2004 Theatre Library Association Award, Special Jury Prize); "James Whale: A New World of Gods and Monsters;" and "Between Flops: A Biography of Preston Sturges." In addition, he has edited three books on film-related subjects, including a biography of actor Walter Huston. Born in Los Angeles, James Curtis and his wife, Kim Geary, are longtime residents of Brea, California.