James Curtis

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Born in Los Angeles, James Curtis grew up on a diet of junk food and commercial television. Gradually, his tastes improved.

As an adult, he revisited a lot of the programming he consumed as an ardent fan of old movies. Most of it failed to justify his earlier enthusiasm. Some, however, not only held up but actually improved with age.

Curtis tends to respond to strong stylists--the fiction of Raymond Chandler and Kurt Vonnegut, the music of Duke Ellington, the paintings of George Bellows and Edward Hopper. And so it is with filmmakers. Over time, he has addressed himself to book-length studies of people who have had a lasting impact on the art of film, as well as on his own peculiar life.

In addition to his work as an author, James Curtis has enjoyed a career as a consultant and business executive in the computer and health care industries.

Selected Works

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